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The Secular Case on Gay Marriage

A good article that, without putting down homosexuality or gay unions, or mentioning of God or morals, gives a compelling argument for why marriage should retain its “traditional” definition.

My Godfather was a bachelor who lived in a small cottage in East Melbourne. We called him Uncle Ernest but he was actually my grandfather’s brother and technically my mother’s uncle. He came once a week to dinner at our house and was an important influence on my development. Although my parents were by no means uncultured, he brought something extra into my life in terms of a respect for the arts and the value of refinement and taste. He was for me a model of elegance and urbanity and, most important of all, gave me a sense of style. I still remember when he took me to my first Shakespeare play in the city, performed by the visiting Old Vic Company. I believe he had a similar positive influence on some of my cousins. Continue reading



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Judge Walker Defies Supreme Court and Releases Prop 8 Trial Video

Judge Walker's not-so-blind version of justice

Judge Vaughn Walker is in the news again, and it’s not a pretty sight for those who care about the rule of law and judicial process.

First, Judge Walker gives an interview in which he acknowledges he’s been in a ten-year partnership with a man. No less a legal scholar than John Eastman, former dean of Chapman University School of Law, argues that this heretofore undisclosed relationship   grave consequences for Walker’s ruling overturning Prop 8.

Eastman writes: “Walker’s admission requires that his decision in the case be vacated. He is either a direct beneficiary of his ruling in the case, or a person with a close-enough personal interest in the case that his impartiality might reasonably have been questioned if the required disclosures had been made.”

Here’s a question no one has publicly asked yet: Is Judge Walker married to his partner under California law? Are they in a domestic partnership? Judge Walker has never directly answered this question—and California permits “confidential marriage licenses” so the public would not necessarily have any way to know. Continue reading

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Active Mormon Attracted to Men, Marries a Woman

Our good friend Joshua was recently interviewed by a journalist (of questionable objectivity) at the San Jose Mercury News.  From the negative responses to the article, its clear that many people in the gay community still do not believe a man with same-sex attraction can choose not to be in a homosexual relationship…and be happier then if was gay.  Those nay-sayers obviously don’t know Joshua.  Anyone who has heard his testimony should know that Joshua does not buy into the “I can’t help my actions” argument, and that he understands the situation better than just about anyone else.

Joshua is a 30-year-old active Mormon who considered himself gay until he married his wife. He requested his last name be withheld to protect his privacy. He is a computational linguist who lives in Union City and works in Palo Alto.

How would you describe your marriage?

I have been married to a wonderful woman for just over a year. Married life couldn’t be better. It is more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. For a long time I didn’t think a faithful marriage to a woman would work, but my love for her has eclipsed anything I ever felt for a man. The difference between my sexual attraction for men and for my wife is my sexual attraction for men comes more from my natural desires, where my sexual attraction for my wife has grown out of the love I have for her. Continue reading


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Gay Activists Exploit Children in Profanity-Laced, Violence Inciting Video

Again and again (and again and again), radical gay activists can’t help but show their true colors as they rage over the Marriage Protection Act in California, aka “Prop 8.”  This time, they have instructed little children to repeatedly use the “F-word” and threaten violence to supporters of traditional marriage in a fund-raising video currently up on youtube.

And these people want control to teach our children tolerance and love?  They don’t even know what those words mean.

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Mormon Church Responds to Anti-Gay Accusations

A spokesman from the LDS Church responded to accusations from gay activists that remarks given by a top leader in the church were “irresponsible” and “will contribute to future suicides in the LGBT community.”

[…]As a church, our doctrinal position is clear: any sexual activity outside of marriage is wrong, and we define marriage as between a man and a woman. However, that should never, ever be used as justification for unkindness. Jesus Christ, whom we follow, was clear in His condemnation of sexual immorality, but never cruel.  His interest was always to lift the individual, never to tear down.

Further, while the Church is strongly on the record as opposing same-sex marriage, it has openly supported other rights for gays and lesbians such as protections in housing or employment.

The Church’s doctrine is based on love. We believe that our purpose in life is to learn, grow and develop, and that God’s unreserved love enables each of us to reach our potential. None of us is limited by our feelings or inclinations. Ultimately, we are free to act for ourselves.

The Church recognizes that those of its members who are attracted to others of the same sex experience deep emotional, social and physical feelings. The Church distinguishes between feelings or inclinations on the one hand and behavior on the other. It’s not a sin to have feelings, only in yielding to temptation.[…]

Read the entire statement here, or watch it here.

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13 State Attorneys General File Briefs in Support of CA Prop 8

Jerry Brown Prop 8

Attorneys General from 13 other states had to step in and file briefs last Fridaywith the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to defend California's Prop 8 because current CA Attorney General Jerry Brown refused to do his job and give legal defense to the state. On the contrary, he is fighting to overturn the people's vote. This career politician wants a shot at being Governor again?

Last Friday, some twenty-five amicus briefs – representing nearly 100 individuals and organizations — were filed at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of Prop 8!  One of the many highlights from Friday’s filings was a brief filed by thirteen state attorneys general — led by Greg Zoeller of Indiana, Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, Michael Cox of Michigan and James Caldwell of Louisiana — making the case for Prop 8 that California AG Jerry Brown has refused to make. The brief is an outstanding explanation of why we have laws governing marriage (“responsible procreation”), and why Judge Walker’s view of marriage is simply incoherent. Read it here . . . then click here to send a short email thanking these courageous officials for standing up for marriage!

The National Organization for Marriage filed a terrific brief, laying out the purpose of marriage laws and the harm which will result if the courts redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.  You can read some of the key excerpts here, or click here to read the entire brief.

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70% Americans Oppose Gay Marriage, Poll Says

A new Wenzel poll shows that an overwhelming 70% of Americans want marriage limited to a man and woman.  91.5% of Republicans think marriage should be only between a man and a woman and 7.7% say between two people of any gender. The majority of Democrats also support traditional marriage with only 44.3% supporting ‘gay marriage.’

A startling 2.2% of Democrats think plural marriage should be allowed and 0.2% of Democrats support bestiality. I really hope that’s just the segment who responded to the poll flippantly…

This poll also reveals the anti-religious bias in the Public Religion Research Institute who ridiculously claimed that an overwhelming majority of Californians support gay marriage after gay dictator Judge Walker overthrew the constitutional amendment.

(AP Check)


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