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Black Group Strikes Back Against Planned Parenthood

Abortion is the #1 killer of African-Americans. More precious lives are killed by this unjust act than all other causes of death–combined! Yet, certain black leaders (especially those who used to denounce abortion, such as Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, and the Congressional Black Caucus) continue to embrace death as a solution to unplanned Life. We are calling leaders out for allowing political and personal gain to monumentally shift their consciences. In April 1883 Frederick Douglass, while honoring the Emancipation of slaves in DC, asked presciently “How stands the Negro today?” Tragically, we’d have to answer that because of the betrayal of many of our leaders: “Killing our Future.”



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Former Planned Parenthood Director Exposes Taxpayer-Funded Program’s “Abuses”

You would think that any liberal organization that has a pimp and a prostitute show up to their office these days would at least suspect that something is up.  But alas, no.  Taxpayer-funded Abortion clinic Planned Parenthood is reeling over several hidden-camera videos that show their workers assisting a man posing as a pimp and asking for advice on getting abortions for under-age sex-slaves.  Several of these scandals now are uncovering a very troubling pattern of Planned Parenthood turning a blind eye to, and even aiding under-age sex traffickers in America.

Planned Parenthood has more cause for headaches as former clinic director Abby Johnson has defected over to pro-life group Live Action and made clear her intention to expose all of the “abuses” that she observed as “all in a day’s work” at the abortion clinic.

After leaving her job in 2009, Johnson told FoxNews.com at the time that she decided to quit after she saw a fetus “crumple” as it was vacuumed out of a patient’s uterus. She also claimed she became disillusioned after her bosses pressured her to increase profits by performing more abortions. […]

In her new capacity, Johnson immediately got on board with Live Action’s sting operation targeting Planned Parenthood. Live Action has, since the beginning of the month, released more than a half-dozen videos in which undercover actors posing as a pimp and prostitute solicited advice from Planned Parenthood employees on how to obtain services for underage sex workers.

Johnson said in a statement that the incidents in the Live Action videos are “not a rare occurrence.”

“I can tell you from experience that Planned Parenthood often turns a blind eye to sexual abuse and trafficking,” she said. “But ignorance is no defense, especially when it has turned their clinics into a safe haven for those who sexually exploit women and girls.”


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States Move to “Opt Out” of Federally Funded Abortion Mandates in New Health Care Legislation

A shadow battle is beginning over the ban on federally funded abortions that President Obama conceded to pass the Health Care Reform package, but which neither side believes will hold any water.  Pro-life advocates from 30 states are now teaming up with the AUL to take advantage of a provision in the new health care bill allowing states to pass laws that prohibit insurance plans in the soon-to-be-created state exchanges from providing abortion coverage.

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