The Folly of Judge Vaughan Walker

In their excitement about getting a gay-friendly judge (in fact, he is gay himself) to rule on California’s voter-passed Prop 8, the media has been very careful to ignore the irregularities of the way Federal Judge Vaughn Walker has run this case.  Pro-gay proponents have called him “creative and eccentric;” pro-marriage proponents described it as an elaborate show-trial to further the judge’s own personal agenda and bias.   At one point, even the ACLU (one of the biggest supporters and funders of the fight for gay marriages) sided with the anti-gay marriage side to keep him from trampling on the privacy rights of thousands of citizens who have donated money to pay the legal fees to defend the voter-passed proposition, risking intimidation and violence as was seen around the time Prop 8 passed.  The U.S. Supreme Court ended up stepping in and censuring Walker for his actions.  What’s for certain is that the actions of Judge Vaughn Walker have cast a further cloud of injustice, reeking of gross judicial activism over an issue that strongly needed to be settled on moral grounds.  Instead of standing on principles of democracy and rule of law, Judge Vaughn Walker has shown us that proponents of so-called gay marriage will trample on anything — democracy, federalism, judicial precedent, conflict of interest concerns,  decency and reality itself  — to force everyone to accept their altered views on normalcy and sexuality

The Most Egregious Performance Ever by a Federal District Judge [summary of Walker’s amazing course of misconduct], 8/13

Judge Walker and Supposed Lack of “Evidence” of Marriage’s Procreative Purpose [exposing Walker’s distortion about Prop 8 proponents’ supposed failure to offer evidence], 8/11

Judge Walker’s Phony “Finding” Versus Defendants’ Modesty About Predicting the Future [exposing Walker’s distortion about Prop 8 proponents’ not “knowing” how same-sex marriage would harm the institution of marriage], 8/12

Walker’s Gender Follies [on Walker’s astounding claims that “the evidence shows beyond any doubt that parents’ genders are irrelevant to children’s developmental outcomes” and that the “genetic relationship between a parent and a child is not related to a child’s adjustment outcomes”], 8/13

Walker’s Misunderstanding of the Opposite-Sex Character of Marriage [record evidence and other authority that Walker simply ignored and claimed didn’t exist], 8/13

Some Reflections on Ninth Circuit Stay Order in Anti-Prop 8 Case, 8/17

Walker’s Continuing Mischief on Videotaping Trial [why Prop 8 proponents’ expert witnesses were right not to trust Walker], 8/16

Why Judge Walker’s Purported Factual Findings Won’t Matter, 8/5

Walker’s Conclusions of Law—With Some Commentary, 8/5

Irrational Bigots [what Walker’s conclusions mean about President Obama and most Americans], 8/5


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