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Study: Sexually Active Now, Failed Marriage Later

New research shows that sleeping around while single could ruin your chances of having a happy, fulfilling marriage later.   Dr. Joe McIlhaney of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health in Austin on CBN

Research using brain scans now shows powerful chemicals are released during sex that should create a powerful, everlasting bond. 
“When women are skin-to-skin with a man, their brain secretes oxytocin that causes them to bond emotionally to that man. Men secrete a hormone called vasopressin when they’re having that kind of intimate behavior. And that hormone has even been called ‘monogamy hormone’ for men. And it bonds them to the woman,” McIlhaney explained. 

This oxytocin is so overwhelming in a woman’s brain that just a 20-second hug can cause a female to become bonded to a male. Continue reading



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Pornography Addiction: The New Drug

Child viewing pornography online

The largest consumers of Internet pornography are the 12-17 age group. 90% of teens have viewed pornography online.

From UFI:

As media has become more accessible to us, the $57 billion world wide pornography industry has crept into our homes through TV, magazines and especially the Internet.

Pornography addiction has become an ever increasing problem throughout the world. Over 40 million adults in the US regularly visit pornography sites.

However the largest consumers of Internet pornography are the 12-17 age groups, mostly while doing homework. 90% of teens have viewed pornography online, which illustrates the importance of education for parents and teens on how to tread cautiously online. Continue reading


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