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Study: Divorce harder on children than a parent’s death, shortens children’s own lives

The end of a marriage, for whatever reason, has a devastating effect on families. Not only do husbands and wives have to navigate their way through changes in finances, living situations and emotional stress, but those couples divorcing with children must take the well-being of their little ones into consideration as well.

Now a new report based on a decades-long study has found that children who experienced a divorce die on average five years earlier than those from homes where the parents stayed together.

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Bay Area Elementary Schools Ordered to Indoctrinate Students with Gay Values

gay homosexual indoctrination in schools students

Bay Area schools promote gay families in Elementary School curriculum. The ACLU orders schools to portray gays in a positive light and teach gay history:

( “After a lesbian student at Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo joined with the American Civil Liberties Union in 2008 to accuse the local school district of discrimination, district officials agreed as part of a settlement to show films and assign homework depicting same-sex families, beginning in elementary school….

A bill introduced in December by State Senator Mark Leno, Democrat of San Francisco, would require all of the state’s history textbooks to include figures and events in gay history and portray them “in a positive light.”

As a parent, there is a simple thing you can do to counter this.  Find out when and where these indoctrinations will take place and pull your kid out of school for the day.  Spend the time teaching them correct morals.  Encourage other parents to do the same.  If they do not warn you ahead of time, instruct your child to walk out of the classroom and call you to pick them up.  If anyone gives you a hard time, tell them that your child’s religious values are being imposed upon and say you would rather leave it at this and not go to the media and the courts.

For every day that a child misses school, that school loses some of it’s funding.  If enough people walk out on this ridiculous abuse of public education’s influence over our children, they will have to stop it.  But its about much more than liberal abuses, it is about keeping your child safe from bad influences.

If your child is scared of what other students say, you can always let them tell their friend that they’re just doing it to get out of school.  Maybe more students will join in and make your boycott more effective!

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Gay Activists Exploit Children in Profanity-Laced, Violence Inciting Video

Again and again (and again and again), radical gay activists can’t help but show their true colors as they rage over the Marriage Protection Act in California, aka “Prop 8.”  This time, they have instructed little children to repeatedly use the “F-word” and threaten violence to supporters of traditional marriage in a fund-raising video currently up on youtube.

And these people want control to teach our children tolerance and love?  They don’t even know what those words mean.

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2 to 1 Americans Oppose Gay Marriage and Imperial County to join Prop 8 Defense

While judges and politicians struggle to give Californians gay marriage “whether they like it or not,” Americans are overwhelmingly not in favor of it.  In the latest poll from Public Policy Polling conducted Aug. 6-9, Americans opposed gay marriage almost 2-to-1 — 57 percent opposed, 33 percent in favor.

Ed Whelan made one of the most trenchant points I’ve seen anyone make about the significance of the Ninth Circuit’s decision to stay Walker’s ruling:

“Walker’s reversals also call into question the judgment of the supposed dream team of plaintiffs’ lawyers, Ted Olson and David Boies,” writes Whelan over at Bench Memos. “…[D]espite their massive advantage in resources, Olson and Boies have lost to Cooper and his team on every issue that has been decided by any court other than Walker’s.” Continue reading

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Reporter Admits Media Bias in Prop 8 Gay Judge Ruling

Sean Hannity has continually called 2008 “the year journalism died” for the extraordinary efforts key members of the media took to cover up scandal after scandal that came to light from President Obama’s election campaign.  It became increasingly clear that these media personalities and outlets that portrayed themselves and moderate and neutral had no other goal than acting as propaganda extensions to the Obama election campaign.  The myth of the objective reporter (if it ever did exist) is increasingly crumbling as the news networks — Fox, MSNBC, CNN — news wires — AP, Reuters — and of course news magazines and papers — Time, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post — are more and more openly staking their ideological positions in the sand.

In this video, one reporter (who admits her own bias that she is happy about the ruling to legalize gay marriages in California) expresses her concern over media suppression of certain key facts in the case including Judge Vaughn Walker’s homosexual orientation and the gay activist rulings he has previously made.  Media outlets that do briefly mention his sexual orientation say that it is utterly irrelevant.  Who are they kidding?  If the judge had been Mormon and ruled to uphold the voter’s definition of marriage would they call that irrelevant?  We all know the answer to that. Continue reading


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Gay Judge Overrules Prop 8, Voter Definition of Marriage in California

Prop 8 California Gay Marriage

Who get's to decide if gay relationships can be recognized by the state of California as marriages? The people it will affect? Nope. They overwhelmingly voted it down. An activist gay judge invented constitutional the right of anyone to marry anyone they want today. Open the gates to polygamy, "open" marriages, marrying children and animals, etc. If it makes you's good enough for everybody!

Who gets to decide if the traditional definition of marriage, in place since the dawn of humanity, will now be drastically changed to accommodate the feelings of a troubled minority who really don’t fit the age-old description. The government? The people? Judges and lawyers? We live in what kind of republic again?  What’s the purpose of marriage again?

No one who knew anything about this case didn’t see this coming. The openly gay judge Vaughn Walker ruling on Prop 8 harassed lawyers defending the voters of California during the whole trial, and at one point tried to force them to release the names of the citizens who donated to the National Organization for Marriage so that they could be harassed and intimidated as we saw around the time Prop 8 passed in California, by about the same margin as Obama was elected president. He only backed down when the ACLU (supporter of gay marriage) no less said he was violating the rights of the defenders of traditional marriage and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed and censured him for his actions!

Judge Vaughn Walker’s court has been a sham from the beginning. Now, on to the Supreme Court! Continue reading

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Orson Scott Card: The Dismantling of America

Orson Scott Card — author of many science fiction, contemporary fantasy and biblical novels including the award-winning Ender’s Game series — spoke to the Washington DC Chapter of the BYU Management Society about the ongoing dismantling of the values and culture of America.

"We stand at the cusp. The people who are trying to remake America according to their theories refuse to see that the result of their replacement stories has been and continues to be devastation."

In the 1960s, we started listening to stories that struck at the very heart of our Good, Strong Culture. These destructive stories fall into several groups:

1. The old morality is stupid. You can’t stop kids from having sex. Sexual fidelity is old-fashioned and selfish. It will liberate women to let men have sex with them without demanding any kind of commitment from them. Fetuses are not persons and you can kill them without conscience. Men have no right to have opinions about abortion. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Marriage should last only as long as you’re enjoying it and it’s nobody’s fault if it ends. Everybody lies about sex.

2. Amerika isn’t really a good culture. We mistreat other countries. We mistreat the poor. When we’re in conflict with other countries it’s our fault. Of course they hate us — we deserve their hatred. Their cultures are just as good as our culture — in fact, they’re better. Anybody who wants to be a soldier to fight for Amerika is a crypto-fascist, a violent dangerous person. Good people don’t want to be soldiers because soldiers are just killers with permission. Continue reading


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