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Reporter Admits Media Bias in Prop 8 Gay Judge Ruling

Sean Hannity has continually called 2008 “the year journalism died” for the extraordinary efforts key members of the media took to cover up scandal after scandal that came to light from President Obama’s election campaign.  It became increasingly clear that these media personalities and outlets that portrayed themselves and moderate and neutral had no other goal than acting as propaganda extensions to the Obama election campaign.  The myth of the objective reporter (if it ever did exist) is increasingly crumbling as the news networks — Fox, MSNBC, CNN — news wires — AP, Reuters — and of course news magazines and papers — Time, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post — are more and more openly staking their ideological positions in the sand.

In this video, one reporter (who admits her own bias that she is happy about the ruling to legalize gay marriages in California) expresses her concern over media suppression of certain key facts in the case including Judge Vaughn Walker’s homosexual orientation and the gay activist rulings he has previously made.  Media outlets that do briefly mention his sexual orientation say that it is utterly irrelevant.  Who are they kidding?  If the judge had been Mormon and ruled to uphold the voter’s definition of marriage would they call that irrelevant?  We all know the answer to that. Continue reading



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