13 State Attorneys General File Briefs in Support of CA Prop 8

Jerry Brown Prop 8

Attorneys General from 13 other states had to step in and file briefs last Fridaywith the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to defend California's Prop 8 because current CA Attorney General Jerry Brown refused to do his job and give legal defense to the state. On the contrary, he is fighting to overturn the people's vote. This career politician wants a shot at being Governor again?

Last Friday, some twenty-five amicus briefs – representing nearly 100 individuals and organizations — were filed at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of Prop 8!  One of the many highlights from Friday’s filings was a brief filed by thirteen state attorneys general — led by Greg Zoeller of Indiana, Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, Michael Cox of Michigan and James Caldwell of Louisiana — making the case for Prop 8 that California AG Jerry Brown has refused to make. The brief is an outstanding explanation of why we have laws governing marriage (“responsible procreation”), and why Judge Walker’s view of marriage is simply incoherent. Read it here . . . then click here to send a short email thanking these courageous officials for standing up for marriage!

The National Organization for Marriage filed a terrific brief, laying out the purpose of marriage laws and the harm which will result if the courts redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.  You can read some of the key excerpts here, or click here to read the entire brief.


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