70% Americans Oppose Gay Marriage, Poll Says

A new Wenzel poll shows that an overwhelming 70% of Americans want marriage limited to a man and woman.  91.5% of Republicans think marriage should be only between a man and a woman and 7.7% say between two people of any gender. The majority of Democrats also support traditional marriage with only 44.3% supporting ‘gay marriage.’

A startling 2.2% of Democrats think plural marriage should be allowed and 0.2% of Democrats support bestiality. I really hope that’s just the segment who responded to the poll flippantly…

This poll also reveals the anti-religious bias in the Public Religion Research Institute who ridiculously claimed that an overwhelming majority of Californians support gay marriage after gay dictator Judge Walker overthrew the constitutional amendment.

(AP Check)



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3 responses to “70% Americans Oppose Gay Marriage, Poll Says

  1. Although the percentage of marriage between a man and a woman is higher compared to those who are proponent of same sex marriage, still there are lots of homosexual who are marrying the person with same gender as theirs.

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