Orson Scott Card: The Dismantling of America

Orson Scott Card — author of many science fiction, contemporary fantasy and biblical novels including the award-winning Ender’s Game series — spoke to the Washington DC Chapter of the BYU Management Society about the ongoing dismantling of the values and culture of America.

"We stand at the cusp. The people who are trying to remake America according to their theories refuse to see that the result of their replacement stories has been and continues to be devastation."

In the 1960s, we started listening to stories that struck at the very heart of our Good, Strong Culture. These destructive stories fall into several groups:

1. The old morality is stupid. You can’t stop kids from having sex. Sexual fidelity is old-fashioned and selfish. It will liberate women to let men have sex with them without demanding any kind of commitment from them. Fetuses are not persons and you can kill them without conscience. Men have no right to have opinions about abortion. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Marriage should last only as long as you’re enjoying it and it’s nobody’s fault if it ends. Everybody lies about sex.

2. Amerika isn’t really a good culture. We mistreat other countries. We mistreat the poor. When we’re in conflict with other countries it’s our fault. Of course they hate us — we deserve their hatred. Their cultures are just as good as our culture — in fact, they’re better. Anybody who wants to be a soldier to fight for Amerika is a crypto-fascist, a violent dangerous person. Good people don’t want to be soldiers because soldiers are just killers with permission.

3. God is dead. People who believe in God are ignorant or stupid or, at the very best, deceived. Conservative Jews and Christians who try to promote their values are forcing their religion on other people. Political decisions should all be made without regard to the desires and opinions of religious people.

4. People who don’t have the same political beliefs as me are evil or stupid. They should be fired from their jobs. The law should be whatever I want it to be, and laws I don’t like should be struck down in any way possible. Speakers, writers, and demonstrators on their side are a public danger and must be stopped, but speakers, writers, and demonstrators on my side are exercising their sacred rights. (Please note — it’s easy to see how this paragraph describes your opponents, but you’re not getting the point if you don’t also look at the same attitudes when they show up within your own ideological camp.)

5. My side should have complete control of the education of everybody else’s children. School is only a meal ticket; all education is vocational training.

6. If you don’t give unlimited overtime to the company that hired you, then you’re not serious about your career. If you put your family first, you’re not a team player. The only law in business is do what works, as long as you can get away with it. The answer to all doubts is: It’s business.

7. Forget about the time when the “American dream” was to be independent and self-reliant. Now it’s to have all the same stuff other people have and to be guaranteed that you’ll have the same rewards as people who are luckier or harder working or smarter than you.

Do these stories sound familiar? They should — and because so many people believe them, we have the horrible social chaos that surrounds us. Millions of fatherless children, unwed mothers, broken homes, delayed marriages — in other words: Visible widespread reproductive failure…

If you really believe that all the old American stories were evil and worthless (even though they led to America’s world dominance, economically, militarily, and culturally), then of course you should try to replace that culture with a better one. But it’s a good idea, before striking down the old stories, to be sure you have new stories that will create a culture at least as Good and at least as Strong as the one you’re tearing down.

Read more of Orson Scott Card’s speech here.



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3 responses to “Orson Scott Card: The Dismantling of America

  1. USCG gal

    I read this article. I read 3 more articles at this website. They’re all identical and represent the warping of the conservative mind, particularly disastrous to males forever misdirected by malevolent forces controlling conservative dialog. You’re incapable of communicating anything of note without pointing that bony finger of denial at the regular cast of stereotypical scapegoats. Master horse thieves, intellectually dishonest, with the unmitigated gall to allude to yourselves as Christians.

    Facts are, gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, it was YOUR abandonment of higher calling and YOUR habitual need to diminish the worth of all those around you that was the cause of YOUR uniforms being disgraced as men. YOU prey upon civilization itself claiming it’s “making a living” and give hollow tokens of yourselves back in lieu of genuine relationships. YOUR values stink to high heaven. Gays didn’t do it. Women didn’t do it. Your children didn’t do it. You’ve done it to yourselves and you’re desperate enough to blame anyone and everyone (including infants) to avoid personal accountability for how long now? 60yr + old men on public radios demanding the breast that belongs to progeny… too willfully ignorant to be ashamed of yourselves.

    Look again at yourselves. Ask why the philosophies of Ayn Rand were so insidious & destructive to conservative principles leaving the American male rootless & floundering in a sea of self worshiping materialistic BS even in Churches. You’ll never get well so long as you maintain a vested interest avoiding accountability at any price. Looks like a junkie, quacks like a junkie… I have too much respect for the men of honor who led me by example to give the time of day to boys in mens bodies aping their gestures. You will remain the Kings of Nothingness to your bitter end, or until you get real.

    • USCG gal, what the heck are you talking about?!! I can’t extract a single logical point from your hysterical rant above. You hate men, and conservatives, and especially conservative men. They are evil fascists who have destroyed civilization as we know it.

      What do you disagree about in the article? What have men done that has been so horribly diabolical? What do you want instead? I didn’t get any of that from your senseless narrative.

      If you have a moment, please break off from your Occupy ______ riot, pull out the iphone Daddy bought you, and respond with some coherent, factually-based points to back up your vitriolic hatred of all things male and conservative. I eagerly await to hear the basis of your views.

    • USCG gal,
      First of all, I co-created this blog and am a regular contributor AND I’M A WOMAN!!! Maybe you need to re-evaluate your stereotypes.
      Second, did you just get dumped or something? A comment dripping in bitterness and melodrama such as yours indicates there may be an interesting story behind it.

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