Parental Notification for Abortion by Minors

15 states lock parents out of assisting their children with one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Picture this.  Your young daughter of 14 is in big trouble.  With all the pressure to fit in with her peers  and what she sees on TV, she succumbs to the pressuring of her “boy friend” at school and has sexual intercourse with him.  Feeling terrible about what she did, she vows to never let you know and just forget about it.  But then she skips her period.  She feels tired and sick.  Her friends urge her to go see the school nurse.  There, she takes a pregnancy test that comes out positive.  Horrified, she freaks out and bawls about what you will think of her when you find out.

What would you want the school nurse to do?  Give you a call and let you come comfort your daughter, tell her you still love her, and come to a decision together how to proceed.  Of course!  What parent wouldn’t want to be there for their child in one of the most difficult times of their lives!

Unfortunately, in 15 states there is no law requiring parental notification and/or authorization for abortion for minors.  When this situation happened recently in Seattle, instead of giving the girl’s mother a call, the school nurse put the girl in a taxi to Planned Parenthood and had an abortion there and then.  (Read the Story Below)

The mother of a 15-year old Seattle girl is furious because her daughter had an abortion with some assistance from the nurses at her school and she was never informed. She only found out after the fact when her daughter had an unrelated health problem and finally revealed she had terminated a pregnancy.

The girl attends Ballard High School in Seattle which has a teen health clinic inside. The clinic is run by Swedish Medical Center and administered by the King County Health Department.

According to the girl’s mother, who did not want to give her name, her daughter was given a pregnancy test at the school clinic which was positive. She was then told by the nurse that she could hav

e an abortion at a nearby Planned Parenthood clinic without her parents’ knowledge.

The girl was then called a taxi, which picked her up at the school and drove her by herself to Planned Parenthood. The mother says once at the clinic a Planned Parenthood worker discouraged her daughter from informing her parents. She claims the worker told her that if she kept quiet the procedure would be free, but if she told her parents they would have to pay for the abortion.

The mother acknowledges she signed a consent form at the beginning of the school year giving the school permission to administer health care off campus. She assumed that meant in cases of emergency. Nowhere on the form is abortion mentioned.

A King County Health official would not speak about any of the details surrounding the case, but did say that no laws were broken. In Washington State a girl of any age can get an abortion without her parent’s being notified. It’s one of 15 states without either parental consent or parental notification laws.

The county health official also says that schools routinely send kids in taxis when they’re taken off campus for medical procedures.


How did we ever get to the point where parents are locked out of involvement in considering abortion for their own minor children and are instead replaced by school counselors and abortion clinic doctors?  Whatever happened to the concept that families are the bedrock of society and that government’s role is to protect and support the family?  Whatever happened to the concept that no government or institution should come between a mother and her children?



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2 responses to “Parental Notification for Abortion by Minors

  1. Lisa~

    It’s really disgusting. But the only way to advance satans kingdom is to sneak it under the radar and keep it a secret. If the school was ok with what they were doing then they wouldnt have to hide it from the parents and same thing with planned parenthood.

  2. Most teenage girls nowadays don’t have the life experience, the confidence in their resolve, or the emotional resiliency to properly deal with this choice and its consequences–whether on their own or with their equally ill-equipped friends.

    Just think about the magnitude of these events. First they somehow rationalize having sex without protection. That alone should have been a well thought out decision. Then they find out they’re pregnant. This should normally be a very joyful finding that a wife would excitedly anticipate sharing with her husband. But in this case it’s probably one of the scariest moments of her life, a unstable time when she critically needs support from the people who love her the most–her parents. Without their love and support, she, still a child herself, is alone forced to choose between unwanted pregnancy and killing her baby. This is an intensely emotional decision. The first involves fessing up to her parents, humiliation, limits to opportunities, labor, birth, and probably giving her baby up for adoption. On the other hand, she can choose to go to a medical center, open herself up to a stranger and let them perform an invasive procedure in the most private area of her body with the intent to kill her baby. She also may be aware of the risks of such procedure, such as infection or increased likelihood of future infertility. After she chooses the latter, she must deal with that decision. Where is her support? She has to elude her parents and somehow pretend like this traumatic event never happened. Then she will have to live with her decision as she grows up. When she gets pregnant again, this time with the intent of starting a family, she will be acutely aware of the baby she killed years before. Or, if she doesn’t get this opportunity, she will see her friends through their pregnancies and be reminded of what she did. Sadly, from the women I’ve talked to who have had abortions, the impact of that decision still has not left them.
    People who argue that the parents should be left out don’t understand what a parent can do. Sure, a parent will reprimand and give punishment, but this is meant to steer their kids in the right direction and prevent future events like this–and these girls could use a good talkin’ to. But a parent will also give love, a love for their child that no one else, especially some school counselor, can give.

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