Children of Unmarried Couples are More Likely to be in Poverty, Study Shows

There are some today who claim that marriage is all about how much a couple loves each other.  What a narrow, selfish way to view the most important institution of the human race!  Marriage was designed as a designation where a man and women commit themselves for life to support each other in providing a safe, stable environment for their offspring.  Civilizations for thousands of years have sanctioned and supported this designation because it is the greatest hope for the propagation of our race.

It is no surprise to anyone paying attention that unwed parents, divorce and sexual promiscuity are at an all-time high in our society.  It should also be no surprise that this trend has had disastrous effects on our society’s children.

The US Census of 2000 showed that children from single or unmarried parents are much more likely to be living in poverty: as much as 41% more among African-American families.

A society that puts the sexual whims of adults before the safety and well-being of its children is destined for decline and destruction; and rightly deserves so.  How can we be so selfish towards those who are the most vulnerable and defenseless!


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